Explore how Axitech’s platform provides a complete customer experience toolkit

Redefine the relationship you have with your customer

Axitech has developed technology which makes it simple to quickly deliver new services which meet your customers’ needs and lessen the negativity experienced after a collision. Our solutions are designed with ease of deployment in mind, seamlessly integrating into existing connected vehicle ecosystems

Deliver a branded, end-to-end claims journey in a matter of weeks, allowing you to implement optimised customer features early whilst retaining the flexibility to iterate over products and services supported, utilising a wealth of real-world collision management experience

Something for every stage of the customer journey

Emergency Assistance

Dispatch a tow truck to support your customers in their time of need

Omni-Channel Claims Management

Give your customers a seamless experience across a variety of channels

Claims insights

Extract useful insights to improve your product offering and enhance your Business Intelligence

Repair Network Integrations

Utilise collision management data to deliver greater performance across the whole collision value chain

Customer Satisfaction

Drive customer satisfaction across increased touchpoints with your brand across increased numbers of touchpoints

Introducing Crash Advisor

Omni channel collision management experience, supporting the customer throughout their collision management journey

Be by your customer's side, even at roadside

Efficiently guide your customers through the FNOL process

Promote self-service data capture to expedite collision data processing

Deliver actionable insights to personalise customer claims

Support the settlement of personal injury claims

Interact with insurance carriers on behalf of your customer

Orchestrate provision of certified repairs and rental hires

Streamline updates with automated repair and claims engagement

Capture meaningful feedback to better understand your customers

Key benefits


Instant information capture and opportunity to offer immediate roadside assistance


Substantially improve the efficiency of claims handling, driving cost savings in the insurance process to keep your customer – and their insurer – satisfied


Signpost your customers to certified repairers, reinforcing their consumer rights and delivering up to a 40% uptake in certified parts and paint


Facilitate the utility of a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle, thereby improving brand affinity and customer loyalty

VIP Service

Provide a free, ‘VIP’ service to your customers, positively re-framing both your customer’s brand perceptions and your commercial positioning in the insurance and claims space


Take advantage of enhanced customer and performance insight in order to deliver the optimal customer experience

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